2021 Pricing Schedule

Seasonal Fee Schedule for May 15, 2021 to October 15, 2021

PW – Premium waterfront $6,100
PLL- Prime Lower Level $5,350
SUL- Standard Upper Level $4,350
Additional adult 18 and over-extra to family unit or visitor (guest pass) $200
Additional child under 18-extra to family unit or visitor (guest pass) $50
Visitor fee per person, per day or part of day -5 years + (under 5 exempt) $5
Visitor fee per person, per day or part of day -12 years + $10
Daily visitor rates apply only when registered camper is present
Boat dock- including boat trailer storage -summer only +no short term $775
Beached aluminum boat/ p.c.w. or at site -summer only-each vessel $325
P.W.C dry dock or lift – including vessel trailer -summer only-each vessel $375
Daily rate for motorized water vessel- at dock, on beach or at site $25
Storage for any other miscellaneous trailer- summer only* $350
Indoor boat storage by liner foot (including trailer length +platform/month) $35
Indoor p.w.c., snowmobile storage per month each vessel $35
Hydro consumption; recovery charge only**
Meter delivery/consumption charge-per billing per season $25
Administration –reading/handling/mailing- per billing per season $30
Servicing charge-share of general equipment maintenance/replacement per season $45
Site/hydro deposit- required on entry (may be adjusted based on usage history) $800
Late payment fee-per invoice/billing $55
Reminder service charge on all late payment-per invoice/billing $25
Non sufficient fund charge-per invoice/billing $55

Seasonal fee include sewage and water service.
* At management discretion and upon management permission.

**Hydro is charged on a recovery base only plus quoted charges listed above
*May change without prior notice. Closed between Oct.16, 2019 to May 14, 2020